BirdNet Mounting Clips

BirdNet Mounting Clips
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Untitled DocumentSecures BirdNet Bird Netting With Our Mounting Clips

Bird netting is an important part of a great bird repellent and bird exclusion gameplan. Keep birds out of any area by implementing our BirdNet brand bird netting. Our standard bird netting mounting clips are the most effective,durable, and secure way to mount our bird netting product line, which includes BirdNet Bird Netting Standard, BirdNet Bird Netting PE Plus, and BirdNet Bird Netting Heavy Duty

For Use with All BirdNet Bird Netting Products

- Heavy-duty clips snap on BirdNet bird netting to hold it securely
- Installs easily on your mounting surface with screws, nails, adhesive or velcro Case= 250 clips

Information on BirdNet Bird Netting

Our bird nettting keeps birds out of roosting areas or other areas that require effective exclusion techniques. Bird-X BirdNet brand bird netting is made of tough, reliable, and pliable materials. the material is lightweight and incredibly durable, withstanding the elements and age deterioration, which results in minimal maintenance costs.

In combination with our other products like our Bird Spikes, Sonic Bird Repellents, and Visual Bird Scares, Bird-X Bird Netting can reduce nearly all of your bird problems to zero.

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