Standard Bird Netting 200 ft Length

Standard Bird Netting 200 ft Length
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Untitled DocumentStandard Bird Netting

This tough bird netting seals off all structural openings and other possible roosting sites. Lightweight, pliable, UV stabilized bird netting won't deteriorate with age or lose strength when exposed to the elements. Standard mesh is 3/4". Structual mesh is 1/2".

Prevent birds from roosting and nesting in undesirable areas or from eating fruit or crops with bird netting.

" Bird Netting Solved My Pigeon Problem"

Based on information obtained from your site, I have solved my pigeon problem by covering the entire opening to my balcony with bird netting attached to a 2 by 2 frame.

Sincerely, Lynda

Bird Netting Features

- Most Effective: Physical barriers like neeting are the most effective way to keep birds away
- Easy Installation: Straightforward, one-time installations
- Lasts for decades: Durable and weatherproof
- Nearly invisible: Netting is barely visible at a distance
- Works on Other Animals: repels anything from birds to groundhog to deer.

" Bird Netting Stops Deer & Birds"

We currently use your bird netting to keep both Birds and Deer from eating our Roses.[...] This structure is enclosed with your bird netting on the top and sides, dimensions are roughly 15 feet wide, 70 feet long and reaches a height of about 15 feet in the center. If you want an action shot, it'll take a little while to coax a deer into view.

Thanks for a great product!. We also are using one of the "Scarecrow's" to ward off deer from a flower allegedly not liked by deer. This is the first year we have had the opportunity to see its blooms.

David H - Monmouth, Oregon

Use Netting to Keep Birds Off:

- Louvers, Eaves
- Air Conditioners
- Windowsills
- Ledges, Sills
- Gutters, and Pipes
- Beams, Trusses,
- Support Structures
- Roofs
- Perimeters, Chimneys
- Cables, Awnings
- Projections
- Statues, Columns, Cornices
- Signs, Letters
- Steeples
- Bell Towers or Domes
- Trees - for roosting birds
- Signage, Billboards
- Also Stops Climbing Animals

" I'm Impressed!"

I put 2 pieces of Bird-X Bird Netting over my 50' X 20' popcorn garden to prevent bird damage. I also put up a fence to exclude groundhogs. The net extends over the top of the fence.

I was surprised to see the groundhogs climb the metal fence to enter the garden, so I sewed the edges of the Bird-X to the top of the fence. The groundhog climbed the fence and the Bird-X to reach ears 6' off the ground! He could scrape the husk off the ears through the Bird-X, but no strand of the Bird-X failed, and the corn was undamaged! Next year, I may skip the fence and use bird netting to protect the garden.

Oh, yes, it does also keep out the birds.

Thanks, Roger

Why Use Bird Netting?

Saves Money Eliminate expensive recurring cleanup and repair costs with a one-time solution. Installing bird net can save a substantial amount of money for you or your company. In general, we've found that :

- Small businesses experience 5-figure savings (recently a small business saved over $70,000 in yearly costs by using our products)
- Six-figure savings in labor and materials for larger companies,universities, and municipalities
- Larger cities have spent over 1 Million a year on cleanup costs. Our bird netting systems solve this problem at a fraction of the cost

Reduced Damages & Repairs

- Saves insulation, siding, and roofs from replacement or repair
- Increases property aesthetics and value
- Decreases aesthetic and materials damage to propery.
- Eliminates destructive, corrosive droppings
- Eliminates costly repairs

Reduces Risk

- Eliminating pest birds with netting reduces health and liability risks
- Insure yourself against potential lawsuits and legal liabilities
- Reduce workman's compensation claims
- No FDA and OHSA inspection failures
- Prevent Health Department citations and fines.
- Eradicate over 60 potential bird-related diseases: Avian Flu, West Nile, Histoplasmosis, Salmonella,E. Coli, and more

Standard Bird Netting is also available in a 100 ft Length and a 5000 ft Length. .